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    Design and delivery of the high complexity solutions for start ups, small and medium enterprises as well as big business. Highly skilled engineering teams from Eastern Europe available on a short notice.
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  • Project Management

    On time and within budget with a proven methodology and expert guidance.
    Contribute to win the war that Russia started against Ukraine. Despite the war Ukraine remains one of the most attractive markets in Europe for doing business and investments
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Tech Match:
Power Up Your Business

In today’s digital world, finding the right tech partner is crucial. We’re your Tech Matchmakers, connecting SMEs across UK and Europe with the perfect technology providers to accelerate your digital journey. We leverage our expertise and network to find the ideal fit, so you can unlock growth and stay ahead of the curve. 

Your business landscape constantly shifting – new technologies emerge, customer expectations evolve, and competition intensifies.  This is the reality of today’s digital world.  In this dynamic environment, businesses that choose the right technology partner will flourish. Here’s why:

Choose us and Power Up Your Business!

At Hantman Group we commit to:

Client Focus

We put you first, prioritizing your needs and exceeding your expectations by building strong relationships and delivering tailored solutions.

Integrity and Ethics

We operate with honesty and transparency, adhering to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

Expertise and Innovation

We bring deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge solutions to the table, continuously learning and innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

Why Choose Us

Broad range of service offering

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN – Our Design Bureau offers comprehensive architectural design services, including design development, construction documentation, and project management. We also provide structural engineering and MEP engineering services, ensuring that buildings are safe, stable, and structurally sound.

● INNOVATION TECHNOLOGIES – We can help you leverage Ukraine’s cutting-edge technology industry, including its leadership in digitalization and mobile device-powered financial transactions, as well as its growing crypto mining and cryptocurrency sectors.

● FURNITURE, HANDMADE CRAFT & WOODWORKING INDUSTRIES – Our team can assist you in exploring the opportunities within Ukraine’s furniture, handmade craft, and woodworking industries, taking advantage of the country’s central location within Europe, large resource base, and free trade agreement with the EU.

LOGISTICS AND INFRASTRUCTURE – Our expertise in logistics and infrastructure can help you navigate Ukraine’s extensive railway and highway networks, sea and river ports, and airports, taking advantage of the country’s strategic location as an important transit corridor for trade.

● ESG reporting – our ESG Reporting academy empowers individuals and organizations to excel in ESG through comprehensive training programs and high-quality consulting services. We equip professionals with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the evolving ESG landscape and implement impactful sustainability solutions.
Our Services

What We Do

Project Management

Deliver projects on time and within budget with my proven methodology and expert guidance.

Business Process Improvement

Streamline your operations and boost efficiency with my data-driven approach to process optimization.

Change Management

Navigate organizational transformations smoothly with my expertise in leading and managing change initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Chart your course to success with my strategic planning services, helping you define clear goals and actionable plans.

Training and Development

Empower your workforce with customized training programs designed to bridge skill gaps and unlock their full potential.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Turn data into actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making and drive business growth.

Market Research and Analysis

Gain a competitive edge with in-depth market insights that reveal customer trends and competitor strategies.

Partnership Maturity

orge powerful collaborations and unlock mutual growth through my expertise in building and managing strategic partnerships.

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